The Origin, Why Did I Choose to Be Vegan?


Christmas tree at Ueno station

More than 2 decades ago, I was staying in New Zealand to learn English
and teach Japanese culture for 9 months.
After finishing my mission, I traveled alone in the south island of New Zealand.
When I visited Christchurch, I just jumped in a small sightseeing tour to the peninsula where we could meet a lot of dolphins.
But the tourist was only me.
In the route they invited me to experience English tea at the sheep farm cafe.
Everything was wonderful till they tried to show me the show 'clipping sheep fur'.
I used to watch the kind of show so often before,
so I said no thank you. But the farmer and my driver were very good and honest.
That's why they insisted me to watch as my payment included the show ticket.
I refused many times politely but they never allowed me to skip.
The end of the show two dogs chased sheep and then suddenly one beautiful lam lost his cluster and panicked. It clashed on the fence.....
I cried and cried,blamed myself.
I never forget the seen and the farmer's face.
Whole day I was crying and when I saw beautiful dolphins swimming around our ship,
I was praying for the lam with tears.
At that time around the peninsula there were full blooming of wild pink sweet pea flowers.
I picked some of them and offered for the lamb from the deck.
After that it took not so long time to switch my diet to vegetarian.
Now I have been vegetarian for 12 years and vegan for 13 years.
I believed I chose very right way to live.
I have been praying for all animals since that day.


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