新日本髪(Shin Nihongami)


My vegan friend with Shin Nihongami

Shin Nihongami means a new hair style for kimono dress
which became popular around 1945~1954 among Japanese girls.
You do not use any whole wigs which often use real human hair.
In my friend's case I just use some stuff materials and artificial
hair. Actually she has only and rather shorter medium hair.
I put on some make up on her face and made her hair and then put on kimono dress.
Look! She is just like an actress in the Samurai movie, isn't she?
And also I found Shin Nihongami, or any Nihongami hair styles were suit for any Japanese women. It makes big buns above the forehead and both side of the face.
What do you think when you know this?
But I tried to make Shin Nihongami for many girls who have different face lines,
different face parts, in different age. So I can say this hair style was so fantastic invention
produced by Japanese women who never gave in for their beauty.
I love so much to make people beautiful! And I love this kind of creative job.
How about you? Are you interesting in Shin Nihongami?
I am very happy if you so.
Hopefully someday I can help you in some way as vegan.


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