I'll pray for you



White hyacinth after spring rain

Do you see what is falling on you?
Do you feel who are with you all the time?

What you see makes who you are
Who you believe in you brings you where you must get to

What we eat makes our body
What we think makes our mind

I know you are just sulky
Because everything is not the way you want

I know you are just shrinking
Because you are afraid of what you can not see

But I know you have everything you should rely on
You have enough power you break through any obstacle

Whenever you practice your power within you
More than you use you can get
All the time you can see the mighty power falls upon you
You are not alone

So just
I will pray for you
Please allow you live your heavenly status

I will pray for you
Please hold every lives on your arms

I will pray for you
Please laugh brightly looking up the sky
Since you came from there

So shall we?

Today you make your big day!


ビーガンサポート ビナチュリーンです。
Vegan-support-BiNatureen is for vegan,vegetarian, and would be vegan.
What can we do for you?
For super bright future.